If the areas such as the hips, butt and thighs have been exercised for women and stomach exercises for men will help the muscles underneath grow since genetics play a large role in where and how we store body fat, which means that women have more chances to gain weight in their hips, butt and thighs whereas men are more likely to gain weight in their stomach. A great layer of fat over these muscles will be more visible if it grows and may make the area look slightly tighter and more muscular than before. If you are not carrying these but you won't any fat in that area because those areas will look larger if you simply had a low body fat percentage if you gain a large amount of muscle like through a strength-training or weight lifting routine.

We can be able to slim down the areas that are having some problems but unfortunately, we cannot be able to shed specific areas only. The only way to attack and solve the problem is by losing weight all over. Before the weight on your stomach starts to lessen, you can notice that your face, arms, legs or breasts are slimming down. Carrying most of your weight on your stomach together with the excess fat then and only then by continuing to lessen the weight will you eventually see results in your abdomen. You may read more about weight loss at

Most doctors and fitness experts agree that real fat loss begins in the kitchen not in the gym. That is why many experts cite 2lbs per week as a healthy weight loss goal. While it may seem pointless to exercise, there are two main reasons why it is important for people with the aesthetic goals of achieving the perfect beach body. Rather than just choosing to lose weight simply by dieting, those people who exercise along with dieting are more likely to keep the weight off than their counterparts. Learn about hair restoration here! 

Apart from the fact that this may partially have to do with the fact that exercise helps you retain lean muscle mass while dieting, that keeps your metabolism from bottoming out, it is also because working out and eating right are part of a healthy lifestyle. Committing to a healthy lifestyle is easier for many people to maintain. Simply losing weight will simply make you skinny. It does not make you look fit or cut. So, pair the diet with some exercise to gain muscle fat and achieve the ideal fit body. Know about natural hair restoration here!